Inspired by styles such as Monty Python and the like,
we were to create a wacky, weird and wonderful
television commercial for iSubscribe.
Initial Concepts and Ideas:

This was a very playful project, and although care had to be taken with using peoples' faces and other copyright material, we were free to experiment with ideas from the very start, and the art style allowed for humorous and surreal compositions.

Little Bits and Pieces:

The illustrations below were used throughout the spot as a series of quick blinks, flickers of animation and colour that popped in and out of sight randomly and differently each time, adding some overall visual interest to the scenes.
Final Frames:
Here are a couple of screen shots of the final frames used for the spot. Most of the photography was done
in-house, starring our staff, friends and family, making this a very fun project to work on indeed.
Alternate Ending:
This was an alternate ending we made for the UK version, to suit a new, more generic script.
Mother's Day:
When we were asked to make a mother's day version of the spot, we were absolutely thrilled. Unfortunately,
the spot didn't end up happening, but I thought I'd share some of the very rough concepts we had started playing with anyway.
Thanks for watching!
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