No Road Markings

'No Road Markings' is an ongoing series of installations aimed to manipulate and convert everyday objects and environments into creative works of art. 

Inspired by street and installation art, and driven by simple curiosity and self indulgence, this project is an exploration of ideas and materials, an extension of my existing art, and a way to bring about a different perspective to familiar objects and surroundings.

And, of course, it's all about having fun, and creating whatever comes to mind without having to consider briefs, timelines, clients, or how loud the music is playing. 

Let's go Surfing Instead

Let's go Surfing Instead was the first project in the No Road Markings series, and my personal favourite. 
The idea behind the work was to disrupt the perception of a common object in a playful way, creating an alternate reality within our own.

TLDR: it's a skatepark, on a skateboard, in a skatepark. 

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