Our friends at Federation approached us to design characters for their online QCard Swipe campaign, which was all about buying ‘the little things too’.

We were to create characters to relay simple stories about the little things we often need to purchase here and there.

Character Concepts

We explored a wide range of different characters, and from such a variety were able to pick and choose which characters and elements we wanted to develop.

Final Characters

Meet the final characters, the stars of our animations and other promotional material.


Each character was to have his or her own ‘emotion’. So we created some fun typographic elements to go in the animations and website.
The Animations

Here are the final animations we created for the project. They tell the stories of Glenn Yeah Boi, Doris Da-Daa and her pet Fido, and the energetic Fasi Phwoar.

Glenn Yeah Boi
Gadgets | Technology

Doris Da-Daa
Home & DIY

Phasi Phwoar
Fashion | Jewellery

Other Bits and Pieces

We had to come up with other elements as well, such as buttons and six frame animations for the website, as well as the characters in different scenarios for the Facebook Page.
Below are a few concepts for how the buttons on the website could look, how rollovers could animate and change for each character.
Character Scenarios

Here are some examples of the different scenarios we were tasked with illustrating for a few of the characters.

This was a super fun project to work on! We had a lot of fun exploring different character concepts, typography treatments, and other design options, as well as animating our characters, bringing them to life.
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